45 Year Old Arabian Still Trail Riding And Going Strong!

Magic, the oldest registered Arabian horse is still trail riding up hills at age 45! Bob Manns and his horse Magic were still going strong back in 2013.

In 2016 Bob Manns wrote, “She is now retired only riding her lightly around the ranch and local hills but she is still the boss of the barn yard.”  Magic looks absolutely amazing! There’s something to be said for great horse care and great horses! Magic is obviously one of the great ones and Bob has to be doing something right to keep her going strong all these years.

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    • Anonymous

      according a May 9th FB post, ‘She is now retired only riding her lightly around the ranch and local hills but she is still the boss of the barn yard’.
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  1. Sandy Richardson

    Congratulations! My baby died this past September , 4 months short of 30. He had been healthy all his life, but a twisted gut got him. He was the best!!!! I miss him everyday.


    My retired therapy horse turned 37 on Valentine’s Day, her birthday, which I gave her because she is such a love… She does not get ridden due to having EPM almost 2 years ago, at that time I promised her she was fully retired & would not be ridden again. She is in phenomenal shape & is happy with her pasture buddies. I walk her approx 11/2 miles 3-4 times a week weather permitting .

  3. Catherine

    I want to know how u keep her up to weight and the old horses booty fat n healthy cause they usually sink in after getting a certain age. My gelding is 30 and a quarab and I just can’t get his booty plump. And ideas?

    • Anonymous

      make sure he does get enough high quality fiber. his teeth quality and his ability to digest food has probably decreased. check for hay cobs, alfalfa cobs and esparcet/sainfoin cobs. be sure that they are non-mineralized/vitaminized etc. give minerals seperately. most of the cobs will have to be watered before feeding. give also some stuff (in small amounts) that doens’t have to be watered such that the horse produces some saliva – it greatly helps for digestion.


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