5 Things People Should Stop Saying About Arabian Horses

As horse lovers of all breeds, we have to say Arabians are one of the coolest breeds ever! They can do EVERYTHING and they do it well. We’ve made a list of 5 things people should stop saying about these horses and we’ve added videos to back it up!

1) “Your horse is an Arabian? But, she’s so calm.”

How many horses do you know that can get dressed up with all the bells and whistles, then be asked to hand gallop with a cheering crowd and still keep it together? The best part is after the hand gallop, they listen and come right back to their riders. Can your horse do that?

2) “Arabians will never be able to compete against the other Breeds.”

Now it’s time to take your jaw off the floor. Arabians can definitely hold their own against Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and many other breeds. They have amazing movement and are exceptionally smart.

3) “Arabians are spooky.”

I don’t know about you, but this Arabian looks far from spooky to me!

4) “Arabians aren’t safe for children.”

Arabian horses are some of the best school masters around! They have taught so many great riders the ropes of showing and riding in general.

5) “Someone has to love them.”

This comment is just plain rude. I guess not everyone is worth of being loved by an Arabian.

So the next time you hear a negative comment about Arabians just say, “I understand what you’re saying, Arabians are just too smart for some people to handle.” A special thank you to the people in the Arabian Sport Horse Alliance & Arabian Working Western Community Facebook groups for inspiration with this article! Share this on Facebook if you love an Arabian horse!

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22 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I own 3 Arabian horses. Just remember it all goes back to training, bond and a horse is a mirror for the horse parent. I love mine!!

  2. Tamra Johnson

    My reply is always that if they can’t handle an arabian, it’s because they are too stupid to do so. And it’s true.

    As far as arabians and kids go, we are the only breed I’m aware of that allows
    children to show stallions. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not because arabians are “crazy”.

    • Darlene

      Being Nasty doesn’t promote the breed , All it does is make people think your educated enough to use better English

      • Anonymous

        Does the use of the word ‘stupid’ suddenly qualify as inferior English or improper grammar? Speaking of grammar, (and education) you may want to review your punctuation and check the different uses for ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ Whether your point was made with the impulse of defensive indignation or the genuine desire to express better morals, you may want to proofread your comment before embarrassing yourself.

  3. Lauren

    This is stupid, any breed of horse can be amazing with the correct training and amount of love. It has nothing to do with the breed itself, it’s all about how you treat and handle the horse. Some Arabs can be spooky, but that’s because the stupid human made them that way. Same as how some not as stupid humans made these arabs bomb-ass horses.

    • Lauren

      I made a mistake in my previous comment. Some Arabs can be spooky, that’s just how they are and stupid humans didn’t help that behaviour, but instead made it worse than it originally was. Some arabs are bomb-ass horses and dumb people didn’t screw them up, but embraced how amazing they are.
      That may, or may not make sense, but who cares?

  4. Jon Goldenthal

    We have a book from the 1950’s about training ranch horses. The author goes through all the popular breeds of the day and lists ant points that would make them appropriate for ranch work. After a glowing review on the Arabian breek he finishes by saying (paraphrased) you will not find a working ranch full of Arabian horses because you can’t find enough ranch hands smarter than the horses.

    • S. L. Trout

      You go, Shirley! And some humans, emotionally and consciously at least, haven’t evolved beyond neanderthal.!

    • Patricia Merkle

      I wish, but there are 5 genome types the modern horse has descended from. I can’t remember them all, but this is true. Arabians are pure and have no other ancestry than purebred Arabian themselves therefore they are a prototype, not a breed.
      A breed is a group of like horses bred by man.(or woman) They are DNA tested as one of the five geńome types meaning they are one of five all horses have descended from, but not ALL horses descend from the Arabian genome type. I wrote the original article in 1996 and can’t remember all the details. June issue, Arabian Horse News. I do remember a lot of research and the “Horse genome project” as one of the most imformative complete studies on equine DNA.

  5. Anonymous

    I have had morgans, quarter horse and the all canadian and last not not least a pure breed Arabian stallion. If I wanted a boring ride out would come the quarter horse, a hell bent for leather ride the morgan, but my arab came out when I went into town, he was great. he loved watching people go by waving at him as we came into town, he let kids pet him for a taste of an apple, and a all round great companion. They are what you make of them. Be cruel and you will have a nasty animal on your hands. But treat any horse with respect and you will have a loyal companion.

  6. Karen Alexander

    I had the sweetest smartest Arabian for 28 years and miss him terribly. I love the breed.

  7. S. L. Trout

    You go, Shirley! And some humans, emotionally and consciously at least, haven’t evolved beyond neanderthal.!

  8. Deanna

    The ‘issue’ with arabs are the same with paso finos. The show ring flair at one point grew out of control and breeding based on looks alone took over with disregard for temperment. This is a recipe for disaster within any breed and some over-the-top horses arose. People seem to concrete in their mind that, that one misbehaving horse represents an entire breed. That stupidity is what soild the name of these breeds. Stupid as it is. Personally I love all breeds. I have seen wonderful and horrible in all breeds. You have to base horses on an individual bases and keep in mind their history. Time and a little patience rectify a lot of behavior issues (usually created by people! Arabs are high drive horses, they are smart and require a job to stay out of trouble. Can you blame them for not wanting to show off? People have to find the horse that fits them. I don’t think it’s stupidity in general, I think it’s dedication. If your just a weekend worrier, than a young arab may not be suitable (there are exceptions) however, that high drive individual who wants a horse capable of riding daily. This is the breed, with stamina second to none, it’s a great choice.

  9. Anon

    I find it a little ironic that the video about how Arabs can hold their own against other breeds took place at an Arabian breed show 😉

    That aside, she did ride a lovely test!!

  10. Darlene

    What people see is a wild untrained house , breeders do that . they bring out a stallion and have a person with a whip with a white flag making the horse act that way or they will have a mare in heat out of view and the horse is acting like a untrained wild fool that is not trainable . You never see that animal under saddle and under total control , they want that animal to show off his assets hoping some one will want to use him and they make money . You will always have people misjudge them because of people like that . You don’t see many clips that are on here . I never had one but have Always wanted one and loved them but to old now and have no land . I did have Quarter horses boring don’t like how most carry their head and I know they do that to work cattle , I had a TB roper not boring cows was his only thing he seen , and Morgan Loved him too. Loved have he carried his head . But any way if you want more positive things said about the lovely breed, put more positives clips out and see if you can get the breeders to show the breed in a more positive like that people more people will say I want that breed

  11. Patricia Merkle

    Yesterday it was 71 deg. I saddled up Musique Nocturne in the Dressage saddle, being a dressage hose and being 25. It’s been years since I rode her so I did the basics in the round pen mounted. Except or pulling on the bit a couple times we did figure 8s, turns backs, halts and like the trained trooper she is all was well.
    A couple years ago I was in the big arena and my husband was instructing me when I saw, coming across the prairie, a huge whirlwind. The last one took off the big steel barn doors so I immediately was dismounting, but I saw i was at the fence. I put my foot back in the right stirrup, settled down in the saddle and told Music to start praying. Well, it picked us up together and moved us across a Dressage arena with all that dirt swirling in circles all around us and dropped us at the opposite fence. I had her mane so tight and the reins were still lightly slack and my legs were still gripped around her, but Music, she kinda shook her head, didn’t panic and asked, what was that. She stood there until I caught my wits. I looked over at my husband in his wheelchair and he was as white as a sheet. I quit calling her a “Persian Princess” right then and there.


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