After Being Poisoned…SG Frozen Enterprise Scores 230 At High Roller Reining Classic….He’s Back!

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SG Frozen Enterprise, better known as “Iceman” had a rough time at the Reining By The Bay horse show after he was allegedly poisoned (Click Here For More Info). ┬áHere he is at the High Roller Reining Classic after scoring a 230 in the Derby! The video is his walk out of the arena, where his owner Michael Miola hugs his trainer, Andrea Fappani and then Iceman gets some love!

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I thought for sure he’d win, but Electrinicki and Jordan Larson scored a 232 to win the Derby! Their run in the video above was beautiful. Both horses were amazing and the talent in the derby was phenominal! ┬áCongratulations to both of the horses, their riders and owner’s!

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