Blue Tongue In Dressage – Does This Look Right To You?

Dressage is one of the most elegant and beautiful sports to watch and to ride. It reminds me of dancing with a horse and it is a sport I truly love. Having said that, there has been some controversy recently around a sale video that was posted on the internet. In a Facebook post by Dressage Hub, the trainer is accused of passing marshmallow off as foam and the horse having a blue tongue.  They urged people to look closely.  In the comments, Dressage Hub further explained marshmallow mouth, “It is marshmallow paste that kind of looks like foam but covers up things like blue tongues.”

Clips from the sale video were then posted on youtube. This horse marked a 68.553% in the Prix St. George. Does he look like he has blue tongue to you?

Does This Horse Look Like He Has Blue Tongue To You?

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According to to the YouTube video, A tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth is a minus 2 for every movement in a dressage test, so regardless of whether or not you think this is “blue tongue”, it appears that this score is pretty high.

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4 Responses

  1. L St. Marie

    If you watch the video you’ll see that the horse actually has his “tongue out” for about a total of 10 seconds of a 4 minute video. The rest is licking and chewing, which is allowed and expected of a dressage horse.
    If you also do some digging, you’ll find that there this a personal reason why this rider in particular is being picked on by the owner of that site and that it isn’t the first time. If you were aware of the “controversy” surrounding this video, I’m surprised you also weren’t aware of this fact.
    As to “marshmallow paste”, every horse that comes out of a recognized dressage ring, which this obviously was, is checked by a Steward who is not going to let you get away with any foreign substance around your horses mouth. Ridiculous.
    Do I see a blue tongue? No. I see sympathetic hands with (proper) upward half halts that are keeping the horse from getting behind the vertical. Check the curb shank, it is never tight and held in a position, which is what causes blue tongues.
    The whole thing is a character assassination and Horseaholic just participated in it.

    • Nicole

      This is a horrible test and not even a 60% test on a 2nd level. Let’s not talk about a Prix St George test. Very very bad riding. I dont say anything about the horse because the horse can’t help it.

  2. A

    The judge, Marlene Schneider (‘S’ judge), saw the entire test and didn’t feel the few seconds seen in the video were all that atrocious.

  3. WhotheFareyou

    Dressage Hub has a personal vendetta against the rider in this video. In a video from 2013, Dressage Hub stated: “I can make any horse and rider look bad.” Sadly, this is what is happening here.


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