Defending Horse Abuse Allegations At Quarter Horse Congress Show

There was a lot of controversy surrounding AQHA Congress this year. The internet was outraged over the way horses were going, many calling it abuse. You can see the original videos by clicking the following links:

This video is one riders response to those claims. He is sitting on his Quarter Horse bareback without a bridle, demonstrating just how happy and quiet his horse is. He calls people that think those videos were abusive ignorant. He captioned his video with this:

“Because we see something and don’t understand it doesn’t justify assumption of a negative. Explore and educate yourself before judgement. The American Quarter Horse is a breed built on athletic performance and a willingness to be ridden with ease.”

He acknowledges the abuse that has happened in the western pleasure industry and explains how it is being changed. He’s seen horses beat with a crowbar or a bat over the head, he’s seen their heads tied to the rafters. These are horrifying things and we truly hope that they are not going on anymore.

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What are your thoughts on what he has to say? Do you agree with him? Do you think western pleasure is changing for the better?  There’s good and bad in all disciplines.  Why do you think western pleasure has become such a big topic?

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4 Responses

  1. Rick Gates

    I conduct a charity horse show every year that provides an environment for a working Ranch equine to come and compete. Part of the judge training process stresses the ability of the equine to ‘travel’ in a walk as one would do in a real ranch working environment. A natural free flowing walk and trot/gait is required in the Ranch Pleasure class as well as in Horsemanship, Showmanship, and Trail Obstacle. I realize my show is small right now, but natural free moving equine, of every breed, are exhibiting at this event.

  2. Darlene

    I don’t give a hoot what this guy is saying that is not pretty to watch . a working horse can’t do its job moving like that. Movement in any animal should have a flow and this not a natural gate for those horses . You can’t justify that training on a any horse , Its not pretty to watch , no horse could get any job done , so waist your time training a horse to move that way, It’s Unnatural

  3. Pat

    It is true, this is extremely unatural for any horse, they are not pretty at all, they look as if they have been worked into complete submission at the hands of unscrupulous (wannabe) horse persons.
    I feel so sorry for the horses being shown in the Western Pleasure classes today, they all look like they are lame and need a vet.
    Why anyone would submit a beautiful animal to this type of training is beyond me, not one step they take is even close to natural !!!


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