More Awful Photos Surface Of Same Trainer Who Was Riding 16 Month Old

More photographs of the same trainer, Douglas Todd who was caught riding a 16 month old horse have surfaced. The new photographs show Todd riding a horse with “rags”.  Rags are commonly soaked in chemicals that burn into the horses legs.  Click Here To Read About The 16 Month Old Horse Being Ridden And Learn More About Horse Soring

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The photos were reportedly taken at Justin Jenne’ stables in Lewisberg, TN. Justin Jenne’ has worked as a Tennessee Walking Horse judge.

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An additional series of photos surfaced of Todd riding a horse with ropes attached to his legs. This appears to be the same horse. We hope his legs haven’t been chemimcally burned, but sadly this is still a common practice in some barns.

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  1. pam barrows

    I don’t think those are ropes attached to his front feet — what purpose would that serve? In addition, when the leg was lifted, there would be slack in the rope. Instead, I think they’re elastic tubing to create resistance and, as a result, greater knee elevation when they’re removed. Sort of like standing in a doorway with your arms pushed hard against the frame for a minute or two. Then when you step away, your arms seem to raise themselves.

    • Patti

      You may be right. Regardless, they are still attached to legs that in all probability are “sored”, thus aggravating the pain the horse is already in.

      • Laura Ousley

        Very true! The constant strain of being on the stacks is enough to make you want to cry! And on top of that, they put rollers on the legs (under the rags), so that the hair doesn’t rub off. No soring, no big lick!

    • Anonymous

      The tissue where the hoof connects is sensitive….. Those bands have weights on them, some people use barbs even, they strike that area as he picks his feet up, it causes pain, that’s how they get them to pick their legs up higher…..its cruel and unnecessary….. If he was a good trainer he wouldn’t need them.

    • Rebecca McKeever

      It is thick surgical rubber tubing that attaches to one front leg, goes over the withers and attaches to the other front leg. You can actually see it in the pic. The point is to increase “lift” and “strengthen” the horse’s front end…so that when the bands are not in place, the legs “naturally” (cough, hack, choke) go higher. I used to rescue Tenn. Walkers….I have my last one now – Oreo, who is 39 years old. Scars on her head and psycho issues from being handled like this. I hate (strong word) people like this.

    • heidi baldwin tucker

      those are rubber hoses but still does not make it right forces the step to be quicker and higher

  2. Wendy Ashton

    Disgusting …. This has nothing to do with horsemanship ….. I hope he gets prosecuted for extreme animal cruelty !!!

  3. Irene

    the bands are elastic surgical tubbing. there are more breeds who use them. I once saw a Morgan trainer who put sheep skin hobble bands on his Morgan’s front and back feet and they had tubbing between them and he lounged the horse in the arena and the horse had to pick up both front and back feet. if one is going to attack one breed whynot otheres? I’ve seen pads on Arabs, Morgans, and Saddlebreds but the Tennessee Walker is the only one being targeted and have to go through inspection before going into the show ring.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes those are surgical tubing. I think they use those more on saddlebred and Morgan’s and such when riding those breeds in saddleseat. I am not a fan of padded horses but have twh and love my breed…however…walkers are not the only breed that endures cruelty when showing…all riding disciplines are guilty…humans become infatuated with winning and forget that those horses all having feelings and feel pain as well. Look at the video of the French girl yanking on her horse’s mouth after he stumbled. And that was in a grand prix show jumping show in the warm up arena! If there are horse shows unfortunately there will be abuse…sad but it is true.

  5. Anonymous

    I would be more concerned about the tie down. Difference in training philosophies. I worked with a TWH trainer, and if those are wraps and probably plastic wrap under that to keep the weights from rubbing and banging up the ankles. If that horse was being sored, those horses ears would be flat, and body wringing wet. Also, they usually find ways to sore horse through the soles of the feet. Makes them get those feet really high by not wanting to put them down at all. As for the rope, I could be wrong, but it looks like surgical tubing. And again, I would not train in this manner, however, it’s better than the old running W’s and I would say that is a whole lot of expensive horse, so I would doubt it would be a device that would not break if something were to happen. Now with that being said, I don’t agree with these methods and if people want to change it then change the industry standard. Trying to blame one person will not solve the problem. There are several more with worse methods you don’t see trying to win a game of gate enhancements. Also, realize that all disciplines have things that need to be changed for the welfare of the horses. So don’t sit on the proverbial “high horse”, and say that one discipline is worse than the other.


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