Are The New Majyk Equipe Boots Really “Magic”?

I pulled into the local tack store looking for a set of boots for my new horse. I have used many different types of boots in the past, but I went into this with an open mind.  I had a list of requirements including:

  • They needed to be big – I have a quite large warmblood (17+ hands) that has a fatty right hind leg due to an old injury.
  • They needed to be soft – he’s a big baby
  • They need to look good – only the best for my new boy
  • They needed to be shock absorbent – I’m a paranoid mom :)
  • They needed to be durable & economical – I hate spending money needlessly
Tall order, I know. So I went through the options:
  1. Eskadron – Although these used to be a staple in most hunter/jumper barns, these expensive boots are not soft, not super shock absorbent, nor durable (the velcro stops working almost immediately)
  2. Veredus – A super shock absorbing yet durable set of good looking boots that are WAY out of my price range
  3. Equifit Tboots – They are great looking, have awesome memory foam, and look great but again,  WAY out of my price rang
  4. Roma competitor pack –  I’ve used these in the past. They are economical, ok looking, and durable but, they are not super shock absorbent, they are stiff and they wouldn’t fit around my horse’s fat hind leg
Clearly none of the above options were ideal. Then I happened upon the display of the new Majyk Equipe display and the series two memory phone boots.
Here are the benefits:
  • Super shock absorbing
  • Soft Memory foam (especially great for those sensitive horses that are allergic to neoprene)
  • Flexible
  • Great looking
  • Double velcro on the hind boots (they can get big enough to fit my horse’s leg, woohoo!!)
Ah ha! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I bought the open front and ankle boots in black. I’ve been using them every day for about a 6 weeks now and they still look brand new. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these boots!
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  1. Alexandra Sirjani

    Thank you for the great review! We’re so glad that another person has been introduced to the magic of Majyk Equipe products.

    We have added a link to your site on our official website on our homepage as well as our testimonials page!

    Thanks again!


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