How To Use Your Sunshine Reusable Fly Trap

How To Use Your Sunshine Reusable Fly Trap


Using your Sunshine Reusable Fly Trap is super easy and will make a huge impact on your fly problem if used correctly. Below are some instructional videos, facts, and advice for getting the most out of these easy to use and long lasting fly traps.

How to assemble your fly trap.  One of the best things about this particular fly trap is how easy it is to set up, take down, reuse, and clean.  Within minutes you can have this trap set up and ready to go.  Here is a simple video explaining how to open, setup, and close your fly trap.

Using the proper bait for your location. If you want this trap to work, you have to use the proper bait.  The best thing to consider is what is drawing the flies to your location in the first place.  Every location and fly problem is unique and can be pinpointed.  Do you have manure problem, garbage problem, urine problem?  Think like a fly!  Whatever is drawing flies to your location is what you want to use in the trap.  If manure and poop are drawing flies to your barn, use that in the trap!  If you have a dumpster or garbage source that is drawing flies, use that in the trap!

Keep the bait in your trap fresh and potent.  The other key factor in making sure the bait works is keeping it FRESH.  Flies love fresh garbage, manure, etc.  If you put manure in the trap, add water to keep it from drying out.  Check it throughout the day.  Once manure dries the flies will go find other fresh sources.  Below is a video of the first test we did use the fly trap after 24 hours.  As you can see we have caught quite a few flies.

After a few weeks of use, our trap was FULL of thousands of flies and nothing was stopping it.  Keeping the bait full and fresh kept the flies coming and everyone noticed a huge difference in the barn location which is many acres.  Below is a video showing what your trap will look like if you have a severe fly problem and you use the trap correctly for weeks.

Thanks for reading and happy flycatching.

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