15% OFF – Grand Meadows Horse Supplements

We’re so excited to have partnered with Grand Meadows to save our fans money on the best horse supplements available from Grand Meadows.

They have a full line of supplements, but our very favorite is Grand Premium Plus.  This is the most cost effective and comprehensive product we’ve found on the market today even without the savings it’s still a bundle less expensive than other products that don’t work as well.  This is the same supplement all 3 of my boys are on from the 5 year old quarter horse to the 24 year old Arabian.  To save 15% on Grand meadows supplements visit their website www.grandmeadows.com and enter the coupon code “HORSE” at checkout!  We are also hosting a wellness event for horses with free giveaways this month on Facebook.  Visit www.facebook.com/groups/horsewellness to join!  As always, if you’d like to learn more about our team and promoting amazing products to the horse community visit www.thehorseaholic.com/team.I have attached a comprehensive comparison chart between Grand Meadows and other leading brands –