How To Build A Business Helping Horses

I am a person who loves my comfort zone ❤️ I think that’s one of the reasons starting a business helping people with their horses was so natural for me. It’s easy to talk about horses 🐴

I’ve been trying really hard to step outside my comfort zone so that I could help others in any even bigger way. This weekend I took the plunge and filmed a video mapping out exactly how I run my business and help horses and their owners feel better 🤠🐎  I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous to do the video. I put it off for weeks before I finally did it. But, I’m ready to take the plunge!  Here goes….I hope you enjoy it 😊

Top Ten Questions Answered – Starting A Business Helping Horses & Their Owners

Time to get out of my comfort zone! So I did it! This morning I sent that video to everyone who’s been asking how they could do this. So what if I’ve gained a little weight, or if I talk too fast, or if I have a hair out of place. Nothing will ever be perfect! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone 💕  To learn more about our team visit or to schedule a time to talk with me visit  Don’t forget to Share this on Facebook if you know someone who’s been wanting to start working with horses!

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