Meet The Budweiser Clydesdale BABIES! Coming Soon To A Commercial Near you!

Budweiser’s littlest Clydesdale’s are as cute as it gets!  They’re little whinny’s make my heart happy….I wish I could kiss their little noses!  Share this with your friends on Facebook if you think these babies are adorable 🙂

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  1. Anne Meczywor

    33 foals on the ground each year from this one facility? If they are the “right” color, confirmation, etc., what happens to them? What happens to retirees and barren mares or those past breeding age> Has Budweiser taken a public anti-slaughter position?

  2. Alice Hicks

    I wish to know why you dock the tails of the horses?
    This is banned in New Zealand as it’s cruel

  3. Janine Vonz

    Hi. Was also wondering about the two issues raised above. A team can pull a cart for many years.

  4. Sal

    Once a Clydesdale retires from the hitch, he usually spends his retirement years at a Clydesdale breeding facility or to either of the hamlets at Fort Collins, Merrimack, or St. Louis. These breeding farms give them room to roam pastures and they have all their needs met. We do occasionally trade male breeding horses to other breeders, but almost all of the Clydesdales we breed remain in our care for life.

    • Anonymous

      But not always. Budweiser Clydesdales have been rescued from the slaughter pipeline. Budweiser should be responsible and care for each and every horse they produce for its complete life. It’s called integrity.


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