Essential Oil Quality – What’s The Difference?

I am one of the biggest skeptics so when I first heard that different essential oil companies were supposedly “better” I thought it was total BS.  I also thought I could just buy oils from that company on Amazon and they’d be the same as getting them directly through the company.  Well, I was totally wrong….and that was a tough pill to swallow especially because my husband was the person who made me realize it and I was just being stubborn.  We had been using an essential oil on my 6-month-old daughter that was labeled pure and “organic”, but she was having a reaction to it and he was convinced I was damaging her already super sensitive lungs.  After a bunch of research, I finally decided to try the Young Living starter kit.  Just opening the bottles I noticed a difference right away.  The oils weren’t “sweet” smelling, they actually smelled like plants.  Also, instead of using 6 drops like I was doing with the other stuff, I only had to use one or two!  We started seeing changes in our home, the kind of changes you read about online, but when you try the oils you’re like “these don’t work for me”.  Well, the reason they don’t work is they’re not real!  Here’s some more information about the quality and the difference between Essential Oils Company.  The woman doing this video is named Carol, she’s actually the person who helped me switch from using the brands I was buying on Amazon and at the health food store, to getting oils that worked so much better.  I hope you enjoy it!

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