Scientists find the Secret to a Calm Horse

We have all been through the experience of working with a scared, stressed out, and irritated horse. Don’t you wish there could be an easy and natural way to calm them down? Well, there could be such a solution says the University of Arizona. What is it? Lavender. Sounds too simple, right?

In a recent study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, just a few sniffs of lavender proved to alter a specific component of the animal’s heart rate and keep them calm.

Professor of Physiology and Psychology, Ann Balwin performed several experiments to prove her theory. Horses are constantly being put through and into stressful situations such as horse show competitions, loaded into trailers, groomed, shoed, and so on. Test data proved that the horse’s heart rate RMSSD variability, which is the relaxation component of the autonomic nervous system went up when being exposed to lavender. This indicates that the animal is relaxed or transitioning into a relaxed state. The study was also supported by the horses “universal relaxation traits” such as lowering its neck, licking, and chewing.

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In addition, the above-mentioned researches and scientists note that lavender and similar calming agents could be a great alternative to tranquilizers that have proven long-term health effects on horses.

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