She Thought She Was Rescuing A One Eyed Pony and Then This Happened

cole and cowboy 3Cowboy entered my sons life when he was two years old. Cole is 5 now so 3 years….BUT when you think about it, my son has had Cowboy more than half his life!!!

Cowboy was an aged pony heading to a high kill buyer auction with a significant, untreated and oh so ouchy eye injury. I bought and brought him home so he would not continue to suffer, so he would not continue to be uncared for and unloved……little did I know he would turn out to be Cole’s first pony.

cole and cowboy 4This twenty something year old one eyed pony has taught my son some of life’s greatest lessons. Cole noticed right away his eye was injured, you could barely see it as it had started its journey of withdrawing back into the socket. But you could see the inflammation, the drainage and it was clear he could not see. My two year old practiced and practiced closing one eye. He wanted to experience his world. Cowboy taught him empathy….

Together, we would tend to Cowboy’s eye. He would help hold compresses and hold the lead while I applied ointment. All the while telling His pony it was going to be ok, that we were helping, not hurting! Cowboy taught my son compassion…

My young boy quickly learned the ropes of owning an animal that relies on YOU for life. You make sure he has his meals and drinks, that you clean his room (stall) and that he is shown love everyday. Cowboy taught my son responsibility…

cole and cowboy 5As Cowboy stood in our barn isle under standing sedation we watched his surgery, we watched as the surgeon carefully and skillfully removed his eye cutting through the optic nerve and stitched up the socket. Cowboy taught my son bravery……… In fact as Cole was scared stiff at the hospital just last week, I reminded him how brave Cowboy had been and he quickly showed he could be brave too.

As Cole got older, he would spend forever trying to mount his pony, he insisted on doing it himself. I would giggle from inside the barn as Cowboy would walk off and leave him at the mounting block, or maybe the saddle would slip, or he’d get half on or at times fall over the other side. But he didn’t get mad, he didn’t give up and he would eventually find himself in the saddle grinning ear to ear. Cowboy taught my son perseverance and patience…

cole and cowboyWhen Cowboy tracked left in the arena, he could not see the rail. He depended on my son to be his sight where he had none. Cole would have to navigate him safely around the ring, through the woods and around obstacles. Cowboy taught him trust…

Ohhh these two through the years, two peas in a pod. Everything was always “my Cowboy” he was not afraid to hug and kiss his pony and just the other day he told me he wanted to give this most cherished one eyed pony to his kids someday. Cowboy taught him love and affection…

cole and cowboy 2Today, Cowboy taught him his last and final lesson, one you never want your kids to learn…The one that when you lose something you love there is nothing, just nothing that can fill that great big hole in your heart. No Bandaids, or ointments or mommy’s kisses can make your pain go away. You can’t understand it, you can’t make it stop not even for a second. That you cry all your tears, stop to let them refill and then cry them all again, it hurts that bad. Cowboy is teaching my son to Grieve…

Our hearts are broken our tears still falling. Often people will tell me that an animal is lucky to have found us, but I say with complete confidence and conviction that WE were the lucky ones…

Ahhhhh, To my dearest one eyed pony, you are responsible for introducing Cole to the wonderful world of horses. You gave him the most pleasurable experiences, some of the most precious moments and when that little boy sat upon your back not only did you carry him safely you did it with such pride…and that proudness worked its way up and landed on my sons face. Thank you for every minute and moment you were in our lives.

I told him you were in Heaven, I reminded him of some of the other special people and animals that are also up there…I told him you would be watching over him because I know you will. And as my son grows, as he moves through life, he will never forget you….so much of who he is, is because of what you taught him. A little piece of my son flew up to the Heavens with you …it’s sad, so sad, but I am ok with it Cowboy, because nothing could ever compare to what you have left behind……Love and miss you always.

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  1. Tammy

    What a beautiful story, if only every pony/horse could find their you. Thank you for sharing Cole and Cowboys story.

  2. Sherrie

    That was a gorgeous tribute to a sweet and special soul who found his way to a loving and grateful family. Thanks for sharing it!!


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