The Ultimate Essential Oils Kit For HORSES!

You are about to see how essential oils can support your horse’s wellness and your own!
What we’ll cover in this video…

  • How To Help Your Horse Relax
  • How To Help Your Horse With Sensitive Skin
  • How To Support Your Horse’s Sensitive Digestive System
  • How To Support Your Horse’s Breathing, Circulation, Hoofs, Muscles, Joints, Tendons, and Immune System.
  • Total support for your horse, from head to hoof.

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  • It’s Simple!  Visit
  • Click On “Become A Member”
  • Add Sponsor/Enroller #2828617 For Big Paw Productions (that’s me!)
  • Pick Your Kit (Desert Mist Kit Is My Favorite!)
  • Check:  Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription. *If you check this box, please skip Step 2.

Finally, a safe, quick and effective way to keep your horses and yourself calm, happy, vibrant and healthy!

As Equine Wellness Editor of The Horseaholic,  I know the damage toxic products and a toxic diet can wreak on your horse’s health and your wallet! Since I am a busy mom I want simple products that even the busiest horse mom can use…that actually work and that will replace the need to buy certain toxic items at the tack store!

I know personally how demanding life can be and how much of a challenge it is to try and make time to learn something new only to have it not work like it was advertised. I also personally know how frustrating it is to try expensive products, supplements and remedies without support from others.

That’s why I”m so dedicating to educating others so that they have the power to help themselves, their animals, and their families…  Schedule your FREE consultation today and learn how you can help your horse with their unique needs!

Fill out my online form.

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One Response

  1. grace

    Essential oils are a total scam. The words Help and Support are not regulated by the FDA and neither is the word Natural.
    I could easily say here take this sugar pill because it supports cell function and good cellular function has been shown to increase life longevity…am i claiming the sugar pill will make you live longer? No, that would be false advertising..but using unregulated words like Support means practically anything can be marketed by making two separate but unrelated truths.
    People talk to a scientist or medical doctor. Read the studies! …that is if this comment doesn’t get deleted for speaking truth.


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