Top 5 Things For Equestrians During Quarantine

With everything going on in the world I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some great things happening in the horse world! Here are my top 5 things for horse people going on right now:

1) We can still ride our horses…hopefully! I know some people board at facilities that are closed down but most people are able to still ride their horses and that’s pretty cool!

2) Virtual Horse Show: This is an incredible show and an incredible opportunity to not only do an online show, but also earn cash prizes and awesome tack. It’s judged by world-class judges AND you can pay a small fee to also have your ride evaluated which is awesome!! All breeds and all ages….I’ve even seen mules showing, and the walk-trot classes are going to be the cutest for sure!! They offer pattern classes from hunter hack to ranch riding and everything in between! Check it out here:

3) Ranch Horse Online Shows: These are very similar to the virtual horse show but completely focused on Ranch Horses!! From ranch trail to ranch rail classes – they cover everything! You can win cash and awesome tack and prizes too. Here’s a link to the Facebook group: and here’s a link to the website info and how to enter

4) Quarantined Equestrians: This was started by Mark Wahlberg’s daughter, Grace who is just as horse crazy as the rest of us and it’s just for kids!! Every day they do a challenge – one day it was to make a horse craft, another it was a horse dream board, and the third day I saw was to create your own jump course in your house! It’s so cute and every day they send a saddle pad (either English or western) to one of the kids that enters on instagram and hashtags @quarantinedequestrians – follow them on Instagram and your kids can join the fun

5) Virtual Horse Training: There are trainers offering FREE virtual training and videos. The one I’m personally following is LaRose Show Horses – he’s releasing daily training videos that are unedited so you see the good, the bad, and the ugly and can actually learn from it because it’s not all polished and produced. He also offers a Patreon membership for between $1 and $50 a month in addition to the free videos. For the $50 membership, he’ll evaluate one ride a month for you and I’ve paid for it and done it and learned sooooooooooo much or you can go to his farm for an in-person lesson!!! Follow their Facebook page for tons of free training videos and visit their Patreon page for evaluations and even more videos

I hope you all are doing well, healthy, enjoying life, and trying to stay as stress-free as possible. Wishing you a wonderful day and praying for good things for all and for this wonderful country that we live in – there will be light at the end I just know it. In the meantime, we are so lucky to have our horses, families, dogs, and love all around us. Please SHARE this on Facebook if you like someone who might enjoy it!

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