Watch This Mule Jump Over 5 Feet!

I never knew mules could jump so high or that it was a sport. It’s called Coon Jumpin! Radar is the mule in this video and he jumped 5 Feet 8 Inches. If you think Radar is talented, Share this on Facebook!

6 Responses

  1. Monika Currier

    Mule is super, handler is an ass IMO. Shank the crap out of the animal with that chain, and then never even acknowledged the animal after he did good. Pretty sad.

  2. Lydia L. P.

    OMG! I agree with all of you! That poor animal didn’t even get a pat, a carrot, a kibble or any kind of applaud (other than the audience clapping) so sad! Poor baby! 🙁

  3. LeonardReido

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