5 Horses In A Broke Down Trailer Prove Why Thoroughbreds Are The Best Horses Ever!

thoroughbred horse show 2

I have to do a bit of a brag post because I am so proud of our horses. My barn focuses on thoroughbred restart, we have 11 OTTBs. Yesterday we went to a jumper show in the nasty weather with 3 of them and 2 TB crosses and they all had a great day. On the way home our trailer tire started to lose air on the interstate and we were able to get off an exit and get into a large parking lot. While waiting for extra help the horse calmly munched on hay and let strangers visit.

thoroughbred horse trailer

Once we went to change the tire the horses happily unloaded in the parking lot and stood quietly eating carrots and meeting people.

thoroughbred parking lot

My students (teenagers) asked if they could go through the drive through nearby with the horses so they called McDonald’s and they excitedly let us ride through!

thoroughbred drive through

The horses were so calm and happy for random people to take pictures, feed them treats and pet them! The entire time they were bareback in halters and leadropes.

thoroughbred drive through 2

They happily loaded back onto the trailer and went home once we were good to go!  To say I have some versatile, willing, happy and adjustable thoroughbreds (and students!) is an understatement! These are wonderful horses and always my breed of choice!

Photos and Story By, Melissa Davis of Double Take Stables in North Carolina.  This is a testament to what amazing horses Thoroughbreds are and how well they thrive after their careers as race horses are over.

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