Andalusian Stallion Meets His Foal For The First Time And It Is Beautiful

These are not wild horses, but their herd reminds me of them. This stallion has been with the mare for a few years. He knows her very well and he’s also used to being out with his mares and foals. In the wild, this is how horses are. The stallions, mares and foals all live together.

The stallion is so excited to be out with his mare and foal. He’s bucking and carrying on while the mother ensure’s he’s kept at a safe distance. The foal on the other hand is so curious. When they first ran over the hill together it was beautiful. This video definitely reminded me of the beautiful of mother nature.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    My first impression is why would they even risk injury to that pretty little foal by putting a stallion out with it? Not too smart in my opinion.

    • Heather Bloomfield

      Stallions rarely cut up rough with foals, Colts are tolerated less as they get older but fillies are potential mates, even their own daughters. My own stallion was a marvellous baby sitter with his first daughter who is still a daddy’s girl at 16 (he was gelded some years ago), second daughter didn’t get that opportunity as mum was being covered that year.

  2. Jean

    Mum is obviously nervous and stressed having to keep him away from the foal. I have seen many stallions who hang out with their mares and foals and they just graze and do their own thing and mares are not stressed so i don’t know how long since that stallion has been with the mares. Looks like they just threw him in there to cover her again in the paddock when she comes into season


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