Baby Mini Thinks He’s A Dog – Funny or Dangerous? You Decide!

From cuddling to kicking and striking – Ice Cream the 3 month old Miniature Horse seems to think he’s a dog and not a horse! Is this funny or dangerous to you?

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3 Responses

    • Horsewoman

      Dangerous. These people won’t be laughing when this horse is 400 lbs. and striking at them.

  1. Dana

    He is just young and playful, having a ball with these girls who are also playing with him. He thinks they are part of his herd……its called horse play, young or old, big or small they all do it……I think its wonderful to have such a great connection with your horses……people that are constantly fearful of horses and their actions shouldnt be around them cause that fear is filtrated back to the horse and they will never trust you. He wasnt acting out in anger just play.


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