Bull On A Rope – Seriously Going After People!

The “Bull on a rope” in the Azores on Terceira Island doesn’t have the notoriety on the “Running of the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain but it may have more injuries to people. The bull is on a rope and not run to an arena where it is killed. What do you think of this video? Do you feel sorry for the bull or the people?

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6 Responses

  1. Beverly

    I think there is enough maiming and violence in the world without people going running in front of some bulls. I know I don’t understand what the thrill is,but I’m sure the bull did not want to rake part in this mayhem.Its just jaded entertainment for the masses.

    • Janet

      This is torment for the poor bull, just for human entertainment. It’s the same for bull fighting, which is cruel, and rodeo bronc and bull riding, and roping events. Would we do this with other people? If we would ask ourselves that question and the answer is no, then we should not do it with animals. I’d like to see the response from a person who got roped and thrown down at a rodeo. I hate to see people get hurt, but with things like this, they deserve what they get!

  2. Paula

    The people that are tormenting this bull need to be hung, drawn and quartered. I am so sock of seeing humans abusing animals in any way. Rot in hell you people.

  3. Laurence

    I wish the Bulls would have killed every A**hole they in contact with!

  4. Li

    This is terrible, I bet they wouldn’t torment this Bull in this way if he wasn’t tied, let’s hope the rope breaks.

  5. Grace

    Why didn’t a line of people grab the end of the rope and tie the animal to a post or something?”


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