Cowboy Dressage Challenge – It’s Dressage Meets Ranch Riding!

Cowboy Dressage is the best of both worlds! It’s traditional western meets classical dressage horsemanship! In this video, they’ve also added poles.

This horse was perfectly dialed in to his rider throughout the whole pattern. He listened patiently and calmly for all of his cues. Then at the end when the crowd cheered you can see he got a little startled and kind of froze up! I loved the smile on his rider’s face when it happens. You can see that this is a great horse and his rider loves him!

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7 Responses

  1. Susan

    WOW! How nice to see a horse under a western saddle without his nose down in the dirt, and movement that looks like he’s crippled.

    • Anne

      Wow, beautiful to watch. The horse looks happy and in balance. Very nice partnership. Love this!

      • Pam

        Happy, but not even and not balanced, maybe it is a really green horse. Not in any form of self carriage either, but yes better than most western horses.

  2. Diana Burris

    Jeff brought a gentle horseman to my heart and your horse loves you!

  3. Michelle Botha

    I loved that dressage cowboy challenge, really well done and its something I would love to do with my horses. Any chance I would be able to get the arena set up to show how to place the pole and cone?


  4. Giz

    Stop, get off the horse, fix the saddle into place properly and get out of the horse’s mouth.


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