Funny Horse Takes Off His Own Halter!

We have all had that horse that always has to be busy while standing, some make noises with their lips, some like to dance and weave, some play with the rope or cross ties, then there is Handcuff.

Walkter Schultius had his horse tied to a hitching post getting ready ride. Handcuff had other ideas he decided he did not want to work today. Putting tension on his lead rope he flipped it up over his right ear and slowly drug it across his poll till it caught the halter, sliding it off his ear, he then did it to the other side. With one last pull he had the halter off.

The best part is, after he had successfully removed the halter he looked right at the camera and then started to try to put his halter back on as if nothing happened. Putting it back on is not as easy as taken it off. Instead of Handcuff he should be Houdini!

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