Looking For Suspects Who Strangled A Horse – Please SHARE And Help Catch These People!

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Authorities are trying to catch the people who they say strangled a horse in Martinsburg.

Catnip is a retired polo horse that is blind in one eye and a very sweet girl. I don’t know why anyone would do this to a horse, it’s so cruel and disturbing. The Sheriff believes suspects are teenagers about 5′ 6,” 5′ 7,” white males, dark hair, they were seen running away from where the horse was. Whoever did this put a noose around her (Catnip’s) neck and almost strangled her to death. They used a towing strap and it was so tight it had to be cut off with a razor. Catnip is now about 50% recovered, her tongue is still hanging out of her mouth making it hard for her to eat and drink. She will have to be put to sleep if the swelling in her tongue doesn’t go down – hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Catnip’s owners are hanging up fliers throughout Martinsburg and offering a reward for an arrest in this case. They say catnip is about 50 percent better but may have to be put to sleep if the swelling in her tongue doesn’t go down.

UPDATE: According to Facebook Catnip was euthanized under veterinarian care early this morning. Her throat had swollen to the point where she was having an extremely hard time breathing. She could also not get up.

If you have any information, call the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office at (304) 267-7000 or the Berkeley County Crime Solvers at (304) 267-4999.


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