Miniature Foal Attacks Owner – MUST WATCH – Cute and Scary!

This 11 day old Miniature Foal is sick of being medicated 6 times a day and is retaliating. He’s trying all the tricks in the book – biting, kicking, rearing at and none seem to work on his owner.  Cute or Scary?  What do you think will happen when he gets older?

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    • Suzie

      I am truly surprised this colt grew up to be well mannered. I hope he is now living with a much better owner and they trained him right!! Defiantly not a good way to treat a miniature foal..

    • Suzie

      I sure hope this foal went to a better owner and they trained him the RIGHT way!! Some people.. Poor horse!

      • Rachel Stahr

        I personally know the owners who raised this great guy and they pour their hearts and souls into ALL their animals. Their hearts are as huge as your ignorance. He was medicated 6 times a day because he had a sever infection and the owners were diligent to make sure he healed. All young are active and playful and need interaction and since they wanted to make sure other fouls didn’t do more damage to his eye, they took the role of a playful peer. It’s sad that people sense the need to post things without full knowledge of the situation and then feel justified they can pass judgment. Please be a responsible poster and get educated before passing your version of internet justice. Thank you!

      • Holly

        My family has been raising ponies and horses for close to 40 years now and this is NOT the way you treat a miniature foal. It’s a pony, not a dog and can become dangerous with this kind of behavior. You are not a playful peer, you are the head horse and antagonizing him and letting him bite, nip, kick and just laughing about it and annoying the foal further is definitely the wrong thing to do. If he needed his medication, then give it to him and leave him alone until the next one. No need to sit there and keep bugging him until he’s acting that aggressive.

    • 1fatmule

      i can not imagine that teasing any young animal could be productive to its training. you are encouraging a horse (thank god it is small) to kick,buck, and bite. i hope you stick to minis, anything bigger could really hurt someone important …

  1. JL

    People seriously…he explained it needed meds and thats why this wee one was doing what it was doing, yes the baby is miss behaving, but alot of its acts are what he would do to another mini….the OWNER is not doing anything wrong by far, I raise mini’s and they all TRY to bite, kick and rear, did you notice NOT ONCE did the owner react in a MEAN and hurtful way…really…..I expect he grew up to be a well mannered adult, I expect once meds were done his behaviour changed………….

  2. Kim

    All baby animals play like this. Have you never seen horses, cows cats dogs goats all play “fight” with each other. This just shows me this sweet lil baby has bonded with his owner. IT’s a normal thing….he is just play. Get over it!


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