Mother Teaches Her Foal Respect – Great Parenting!

There are so many different theories on parenting children.  With horses, it’s much more simple. There may not be magazines, books, videos, etc dedicated to horse parenting, but somehow that motherly instinct kicks in and they know just what to do.

When it comes to parenting, this mare knows what she’s doing.  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

4 Responses

  1. Chezz

    Well, sadly if you actually know something about horses, you also know that this might be problem in the future since mare shows really agressive signs towards its foal. Either this is her first foal or she is just bad mother.

    • Ginny

      I don’t see the mare as aggressive she is teaching her baby that it is not ok to kick her. The baby needs to learn how to get along with other horses!! She gives him a very gentle kick and you can see the colt comes to mom to apologize and is forgiven. No big deal. He is not hurt.

      • Theresa Pellicano

        You see the mare putting some pressure on the colt to move. The foal, refused to yield to his dam. You can see him arch his neck, get all bowed up, trying to appear bigger. He challenges his dam to move her feet. He ducks in and out, eventually goes butt to butt with her, and kicks her. He is learning how to behave as a horse in a herd. Horses look to up their status in a herd. They look to fire the boss. This mare warned her foal many times here. She showed him her firing end . He ignored it. She gave him a well timed swat on the butt. He got the message but he actually tried to test his dam TWICE after she swatted him. She reminded him of her dominance as his dam and reinforced it without kicking him again and you see the foal get the message, yield his feet to her and stays out of her space. That good momma saved those people thousands of hours of work.

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