SHOCKING: Government Accused Of Shooting & Killing Wild Horses

Madeline Pickens built a 25 million dollar Nevada ranch that spans 12,000 acres and is the home to more than 650 wild mustangs. Sounds like an amazing idea right? Not for some. She was shocked to find to find evidence of repeated trespass and many dead horses on her land. She has evidence that trespassers have cut her fence and disabled water pumps which have led to the brutal deaths of many horses. Recently she discovered horses that had been “slaughtered” on her ranch….

The below video may contain shocking and graphic imagery.

Madeline started the mustang sanctuary over a decade ago when she learned that the government was planning to sell more than 30 thousands of the horses to overseas slaughter houses. She is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the trespassers and those responsible for the attack on her sanctuary and horses. For more information or to lend support visit:

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