This Is What Happens When You Let The Dogs Raise Your Foal

This adorable foal just wants to curl up in his owners lap and give kisses. I’m not sure if dogs raised this foal, but he certainly acts like a dog! Sunny Bayne posted this video on Facebook with the caption:

“This is the happiest moment of my life!!!!!! I have been around a ton of foals but not one quite like this gem! She’s one in a million! This Filly is By Glenmore Sneakers and out of Glenmore Chardonnay Pearl. Owner Meg Miranda”

There are people who think this is the most precious moment ever and others that think this will turn into a dangerous situation with the foal is older. What do you think?

Do You Think Foals Should Be Encouraged To Act Like This?

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Regardless of whether you think this behavior should be encouraged, I think we can all agree that the foal is adorable! Share this on Facebook if you love foal kisses!

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  1. Patti Clatterbuck

    It is absolutely precious and priceless. Yes it could become dangerous when she’s older and much heavier. But at the same time, she isn’t going to grow overnight. If they are planning on keeping this foal, I say enjoy her love and huggies. You’l have time as she grows to let her know and teach her that she’s getting to big for huggies. If you’re relationship is super special, you can teach her to lay down and rest her head in your lap. Still a loving huggy. But, and it’s a big but! If you plan on selling this filly, don’t do this to her. You’ll tear her heart out and she may not only Never trust another human being she may also become mean to other people. just sayin…


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