This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Halters On Foals….Or Adult Horses!

So many people put halters on Foals and just leave them on. A friend of mine posted these pictures and said, “Don’t put a halter on a foal and hope it works out well. If you can’t check it, remove it, or know it will easily break if caught on something, don’t bother putting it on. I am so sad this colt is hurt – not sure it will heal w/o him being disfigured.”


I couldn’t agree with her more.  I really hope her foal recovers well.  Foals grow, and the halter can easily become embedded in their face. Please don’t leave halters on adult horses either! They can get caught up in something and become easily injured.  Leaving a halter on your horse may seem innocent, but really can be life-threatening if they get caught up and break their necks…or something else.

If you’re halter breaking a foal, I recommend a special leather “grow with me” halter (Click Here For My Favorite).   For older horses, there are great breakaway halters. Please Share this on Facebook if you know people who turn their horses out with halters on….maybe this will change their mind.

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