Watch The Nastiest Bucking Pony EVER!!!

This pony is definitely the one in charge! Do you think this is a good type of pony to learn on and toughen young riders up? What kind of pony would you want your child on?

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12 Responses

  1. Rob Whitehead

    What a brave little mite, has anyone adult actually backed this pony? Dangerous as he is

    • joanne

      not a good pony for anyone. Will put the kid off or make him a really bad rider, poor pony must have been broken wrong to start with. Take the pony back to the beinging. Shame on who ever broke this pony in

    • mike

      Good little rider. Good set of hands, good seat, calm, and steady, under trying circumstances.

    • Christina

      I don´t think it is the first and only problem, but a start in the right would be a proper saddling. The saddle is way too far on the pony´s shoulders.

    • Treyzmama

      A pony like that can certainly teach a young rider. However, if I was a judge at that show, I would have dismissed that pair from the class as being unsafe. He wasn’t able to follow the judge’s directions. I would have lunged that bratty pony for an hour before the next class!!

    • annette

      The pony moves as though he has back pain. every time he canters he bucks. this too is a sign of pain.

  2. nicola

    in my opinion its got nothing to do with how he was broken! lack of work or over feeding springs to mind here! these little ponys don’t really need any hard feed !

  3. Becca

    She is to be enjoying this and learning , This little one is learning to hate riding. Get that pony checked out by a vet then back to a trainer. Get that child on a better trained pony so she can learn

  4. Tanya

    My daughter’s first pony was like this at first,and it was strictly due too he didn’t know any better,he just needed training.My daughter fell off ALOT she still rides over 10years later still doing H/J.That pony taught her patience,a good seat,and too be respectful but assertive.I see one thing majorly wrong is the saddle is not positioned in the right spot it is way too forward.If this kid really loves riding then this pony will be good for him.Maybe put someone who knows what they are doing on the pony for a few rides.Honestly tho it is kids who ruin great ponies by letting them get away with all sorts of stuff.My daughter’s first pony was only 3 years old when we got him,but he went into training and became a grand champion in H/J,so it takes some elbow grease to make the pony/horse of your dreams.

    • Tanya

      I forgot to add one more thing,they should have pulled the pony and rider from this class,due too the kid had barely any control over him.Huge hazard for all the other riders.

    • Chrissy

      I agree you cant just get or have a horse or in this case a pony and expect to have wonders happen instantly. you need to work with them and obviously this one needs it. This pony is a bit of a hazard to the other riders that were riding and if he would have come off and another rider didn’t see him at all or didn’t in time it would have been dangerous to himself too. But to get that horse or pony that everyone wants you DO need to do what you said… elbow grease lol work it takes a great deal of it and care well tlc patience tell me about it. and even more if you are breaking one in. Believe me we have broken before and have seen the result and we own one and he is the sweetest horse ever. you can ride him anywhere and everywhere do whatever with him and on him and he won’t be doing any of this and hes a TB!!!

  5. Jana

    Get that child off of that horse!!! It is all funny until that bratty pony throws that child into a fence or their foot hangs up in a stirrup and they are dragged to death. There are too many good horses out there to let a child be injured by a bad one. I know, my sister was thrown into a fence and killed. The pony is definitely fixable, but a child should not ride it until it has been ridden and gotten some respect for its rider.


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