Watch This Little Girl Get A Horse For Christmas!

This made me cry good tears when I watched it! Do you remember getting your first horse? It’s a feeling I will never forget. We’d love to hear stories of how you got your first horse 🙂 Merry Christmas Everyone! If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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  1. Kathleen

    That was precious! Being a trainers daughter I was always horseback, but never my own. It was heartbreaking when the horse I had grown to love was sold. When I was around 15 I met a lady that let me ride her 2 horses. I fell in love with the big sorrel and she let me show him. Sadly we moved and I had to leave Tambor behind. Right and nd round Christmas I noticed a stock trailer outside the pizza place next to the western store my parents were managing. I looked in there and ran back to the store telling mom and dad that a horse that looked just like Tambor was in that trailer. They dismissed me saying I was silly and it was just some horse. On Christmas day my brothers boss called to tell me about the biggest foal he had ever seen had just been born at the farm. So my parents took me to see it. There was a feed sack on the door that said Merry Christmas but I didn’t notice it right away I was so intent on seeing that foal! I’m looking around the stall for a baby when it hit me…there stood Tambor in a big red Christmas bow. I just hugged him and cried my eyes out. They gave me and leg up and I just sat on him grinning through my tears. It was amazing! 🙂

  2. Michelle E.

    I had begged for a pony as long as I could remember. My parents said I was born wanting a pony. A pam-a-lina pony to be exact ( I couldn’t say palomino, as in Roy Rogers Trigger) The year I turned 9 my best friend got a pony and my begging finally got a positive result of a kind. The deal was, if I could save $100.00 I could have a pony. In 1962 a $100.00 was a WHOLE lot a money. My first effort to get the required $100.00 was to ask my grandfather for the money. “No, but if you save $90.00 I will give you the last $10.00”. So began the efforts to save $90.00. I made potholders that cost .05 cents to make, and sold them for .07 cents. I saved every penny of weekly allowance, I ironed my brothers shirts and shined his shoes for .10 cents. I walked the neighborhood dogs for whatever I could get. Whenever there was a holiday of any sort I asked for money as a present. My biggest “windfall” came when I fell out of a tree and fractured my skull, as most of the get well cards held a few dollars! In less than a year I had $90.00, my grandfather gave me the last $10.00 and I bought my first pony myself for exactly $100.00! His name was a Corky, a 3 year old welsh cross, who was a little paint. He knew no more than I did, so we learned everything together thanks to a wonderful 4-H Club. My next 2 horses were show horses which my parents did buy for me. My next 4 horses , including my current horse, were all purchased by me as an adult. All have been special with a place in my heart, but there was never one who as precious to me as that very first one, Corky, who I worked so hard to buy.


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