Watch What Horses Are Teaching Doctors About Bedside Manner

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey has found a unique way to improve medical student’s bedside manner. The program is called “Horses For Healers” and the results are incredible.

Horses for Healers uses horses to teach medical students how to be better doctors. Through non-verbal communication, horses read body language and respond to students, giving them immediate feedback on whether they feel safe and approachable – two things that research shows are very important to medical outcomes.

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  1. Janaet R. Martinez

    Being a horse owner for many years,I can fully understand how they can be of great value in teaching students many things about the ways one should work with a patient. For instance, there is one student who tries to pull the horse. This never works. Another uses much more gentle methods, and you can see the difference in how the horse reacts. I’m sure this applies to humans also. Who wants to be “pulled” by a doctor. Personally, I really appreciate a gentle understanding manner from the doctor. In fact it makes all the difference to me and determines weather or not I will use this doctor permanently.


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