Carriage Horse Collapses While Giving A Tour – Do You Support This Industry?

A carriage horse collapsed on a Charleston, SC street yesterday, April 19th, at 3:30 pm. The video below shows firefighters and rescue crews attempting to unhitch the horse and help him stand. The horse, Big John, was already examined by the city’s Equine Manager and will not return to work until he’s cleared by an equine veterinarian. According to Police, Big John slipped and fell while rounding a corner. Charleston Carriage Works owner told, the horse likely tripped on his own feet.

Big John suffered minor scratches and the fall didn’t appear to be heat related. Source, Do you think horses should be used to pull tourists around the city?

Do you think horses should be used to pull tourists around the city?

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Over 55,000 visitors and residents are calling for the city to ban horse-drawn carriage rides. We are glad that Big John did not suffer major injuries and he is being cared for in the appropriate way.  We hope that Big John is enjoying a nice little vacation after the incident with plenty of turn out and green pastures!  Share this on Facebook if you a

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  1. Linda

    When the temps get hot, the pavement is even hotter. All that heat radiates up through their feet into the legs. They become exhausted from being on the heated surface all day/night.

    • takeflight

      did you see how many teens this single horse was pulling around? About a dozen – at least. Also the heat, Also the traffic, noise, pollution and cars – terrorizung this horse. This is animal cruelty. this has to stop!

  2. Margaret

    My concern is two fold. First, the horses need a safe place to live and work with plenty of food and water and vet care. Next, if we eliminate these horses from carriage work, they will likely be sold to the horse meat market, which is infinitely worse…actually beyond belief in its extreme cruelty.

  3. V. Alleshouse

    Perhaps they need to rotate horse on half day shifts… Four hours in the heat and hot streets is probably plenty for a day’s work.

    • Sharon

      Horses love to have a job to do. This is not abuse and I am sure he is taken good care of. He looks as though he is at a good weight. Horses do sometimes get sick, falter, trip or fall, it does not mean that they are abused, neglected or overworked.

      • Craig Shapiro

        So, this horse will be back on the streets once he’s cleared? They just don’t get it. Making a horse dodge traffic, inhale exhaust and suffer in the heat and cold just to pull some tourists around is cruel. These rides need to stop.

      • Craig Shapiro

        Horses have a job to do? Nonsense. I hope you don’t have horses.

  4. LucyP

    Sensitive animals simply don’t belong in city traffic. Horses often develop painful and debilitating leg problems after years of plodding on hard concrete, and horse-drawn carriages have caused numerous traffic accidents after horses were spooked by honking horns, sirens, or other sounds and bolted. It’s time to relegate this cruel industry to the history books.

  5. Jennofur

    It’s 2017, for crying out loud. Get these cruel carriages off the streets!

  6. Kimmarie

    There’s no reason to subject horses to such blatant cruelty. Horse-drawn carriages need to be left in the past where they belong.

  7. Bridgett

    Tourists that go on these rides either don’t care about the animals or are ignorant as to the suffering these animals endure! People need to be educated about the suffering and exploitation of animals at the hands of humans. BTW Margaret, these horse will go to auction/kill buyers once their usefulness in the carriage industry is over, so don’t kid yourself by thinking this industry keeps them well and out of the hands of kill buyers. Only the lucky ones get adopted by horse rescues.

  8. Rachael

    I have no problem with it. I am sure the industry is heavily regulated. I work long hours in the heat, a horse can too. These animals have a decent life. There is no reason an animal can’t work 40 hours a week.


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