Watch The Pony Who Can’t Stop Bucking Vs. The Rider Who Refuses To Fall Off!

These two go round and round bucking and bucking! Who do you think won? If you like this video, Share it on Facebook with your friends!

6 Responses

  1. Tina

    I really hope you do not find this funny. Small pony trying to get way too heavy load off the back. Sad…

    • Candice

      This is NOT funny. She’s way to big for that pony. What’s a matter with you people?????

  2. Tammy

    She is absolutely way to big for this pony, not funny at all. It is a shame it can’t get her off, she deserves to be thrown.

  3. Nikki

    There is nothing wrong with this video. It is not a tiny miniature pony. It is a shetland. Look up info on shetlands,they are sturdy and can handle loads that weigh more then they do. I dont believe it should ride it for hours but 3/4 of ponys are broke out by young teens as she was and small adults. Ponys are lots of times more fiesty then horses and small kids are unable to handle them at first

  4. Winnie

    Get that girl of she is to big. Now matter what!!!!
    Yes a Shetland pony are strong but only to bull a wagon any horse ore pony shut only max. 20% of there body weight now more. And a have always just kids there are small enough to ride them but have riden in more years an lissen to my, so I can guide them and I got 4 fantastic kids ponies out of that.


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