Watch What Happens When Shetland Ponies Turn Bad

This pony is definitely a boss! I know he’s being naughty, but for some reason it makes me laugh! It’s like he’s saying “What? No more treats? Then Scram!” If you think this is funny, Share it with your friends on Facebook.

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6 Responses

  1. Aud Scott-Hopkins

    It looks like this was taken in the New Forest where it is illegal to feed the ponies. There is a massive fine if you are caught so perhaps the pony was telling them that they had better scram before they were apprehended!!!

    • Anonymous

      This drives me mad .. its not funny its really really stupid human beings not understanding the New Forest and the National Parks fault for removing all of the ‘do not feed the ponies’ signage … this pony is badly behaved because people have fed it! it becomes nosey, investigates if there is any more food and does what it knows best to get the food …. these peopel ahev also surrounded th epoor beast which is another reason it is being aggressive .. come on National park you keep advertising for these idiots to come here then start educating them properly!!!!! its a working Forest NOT Hyde park you have an obligation to the general public and the animals for safetys sake if nothing else !!!

    • Anonymous

      Idiots feeding the ponies…..just enjoy them and leave them alone. You tempt them with food, tease them and wonder why you get kicked and bitten, some people have no common sense.

  2. Nellie

    This really annoys me. It should be a well known rule that the forest ponies shouldn’t be fed – because they will then expect food from every person they see which could cause harm and danger to others.
    And come on, this little boy jumping around near the hind end of the pony – I don’t blame the animal for acting the way it did. Parents should have been responsible and informed their children on how to act near horses.
    Plus, I really hope they washed their hands after touching this pony because if it had strangles and they went on to touching another horse, they (as fomites) could carry the contagious disease and pass it onto a healthy horse.
    Seriously people, educate yourselves and your children.

  3. Raisa Stone

    If these ponies are wild, then feeding them is dumb. This pony was reacting to the disturbing jumping up and down of the little boy. That is frightening and threatening behavior. People need to teach their children to be very calm and quiet around animals. This is also how dog bites can happen, with a hyper child. It’s a good thing this wasn’t a 1000 lb. horse.

  4. Regina

    This “he” pony looks like a Pregnant “she” pony so maybe she is feeling hormonal….. LOL They got what they deserved! too bad the pony did not do more!


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