4 Tips To Ace Ranch Horse Pleasure!

The American Paint Horse Association has done a video on how to ace Ranch Horse Pleasure!  Here are 4 additional tips:

  • Read and understand all rules governing the class. A digital, mobile-friendly version of the 2015 Official APHA Rule Book is available, with ranch horse pleasure rules beginning on page 266.
  • Ranch horse pleasure is an individually performed pattern class, and judges may choose from four official patterns or create their own that includes a combination of required maneuvers. Unlike other pattern classes, few markers are used in ranch horse pleasure, requiring riders to form a plan.
“You have to memorize your pattern and place it in the space you’re given,”  “You’ve got to pick out your own points in the arena for your turns and transitions.”
  • Transitions are frequent in patterns; horses should be able to change gait and extend or collect willingly and easily. Smooth transitions—with little set-up, light cues and a soft response—show a high degree of difficulty and are credit-earning situations.
  • When evaluating movement, Heather recommends considering the purpose horses used on ranches to work all day; movement should be smooth, yet efficient.

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Source:  http://apha.com/news-landing/news-details/4-tips-to-ace-ranch-horse-pleasure

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