Ranch Rail Pleasure Is A Crowd Favorite – Every Association Needs To Add This Class!

Here are some horses that look like a real pleasure to ride!  They are forward, balanced and beautiful.

The class was a crowd favorite at the World Championship Appaloosa Show.  Here’s another video of the horses trotting.

Would You Show In Ranch Rail Pleasure?

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Would you show in this class if it was available?  I know I would!  Share this on Facebook if you think Ranch Rail Pleasure looks like fun!

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  1. Nanette

    For the Cal ranch western pleasure horse yes I would because that is what A real question pleasure horse looks like not those ones with her nose on the ground with no forward movement and they’re low beam in place they look like they’re scared to death the move out it’s been a controversy I think it’s despicable the way people ride in AQA Che western pleasure classes those horses have no forward movement they look like you’re riding a pogo stick even in halter they’re not moving out. It’s shameful what they’ve done to those horses I can’t even watch them show because those horses are beautiful and they totally wasted them so hell yes I would rather watch and show a ranch horse western pleasure class because that’s a western pleasure horse .


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