40-Year-Old Horse And His Best Friend

Waco, a 40-year-old retired harness racing horse may not have won many races, but he definitely has lived a full life.  8 years ago, when Donnie MacAdams, his caretaker moved into the barn, Waco was barely eating.  It turned out Waco wasn’t sick, he was lonely.  The friendship between Donnie and Waco is a beautiful thing.

They saved each other’s lives and that’s a beautiful thing.  It may not be warm and cuddly friendship, but it’s perfect.  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

3 Responses

  1. Becky

    Animals of any species are social and need companionship. Therefore, I thoroughly empathize with the lonely 40-year-old horse who responded to the elderly man and their subsequent friendship which saved both of their lives.

  2. Rickee Eddleman

    There’s so many things that folks don’t understand about the unique bond between a horse and a human. Dogs and cats get WAY more credit than they deserve. But then again, “D’s” n’ “G’s” don’t eat as much and require as much maintenance….doesn’t mean that the equine doesn’t have “unconditional love”.


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