5 Horse Videos That Show Us What True Love Is All About

Horses are simply amazing! There’s no doubt they are loving, sweet and affectionate, but just in case you need proof here are 5 horses relationships that will melt your heart!

1) This horse couldn’t just eat his hay alone. Instead he RAN to his friend. His mouth was full of hay and he couldn’t wait to share it with his friend who was tied up!

2) When I watch this video of this horse feeding his friend through the bars, I can’t help but have the song “That’s What Friends Are For” go through my head! This is just too cute!

3) This horse cannot get enough of his best friend. Thankfully, his friend doesn’t seem to mind!

4) Jack, a special needs horse with lots of love to give. He shows his farrier just how appreciative he is by giving him some big kisses!

5) Lastly, these horses were separated for 4 years. Watch their beautiful reunion. Horses never forget the ones they love 🙂

We see a lot of videos with other types of animals loving each other, but a lot of people don’t realize just how loving horses are. Share this on Facebook and show everyone why horses are so amazing!

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