Woman Finds A Big Surprise On Top Of Her Horse’s Head

Horses are extremely personable animals and tend to make friends with any animal that will put up with their antics. You have heard of stories where they have become friends with goats, cats, dogs and even cows, though sometimes the horses are the ones that have to put up with their friends.

Nancy of Elk City, Oklahoma was having one of those days we all have where things just seem to not be falling into place. When she headed down to the barn to feed the horses she walked in on something that no one would have believed if she had not caught it on video. As she entered the barn she came across something that would make anyone’s bad day turn around. She saw her chicken, Chickaleta, perched up on her horse, Rockys, head.

Rocky and Chickaleta are great friends, but this had taken their friendship to a whole new level, Rocky was standing in his stall very calm all while this chicken is crawling all over him. Nancy takes out her phone and starts recording, “Thank you lord, I needed this today”. Rocky starts to shake his head a bit to try to unseat Chickaleta, but she continues to enjoy her perch, Rocky stands calmly till she decides to walk her way down his back hopping on the railing of the stall and walking over closer to his head. Cuddling in next to Rocky’s face, she gets comfy again and Rocky gives her a gentle nudge as good friends would. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we have!

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