8 Year Old Girls Sick Horse Is At OSU Equine Hospital, Please Help If You Can!

8 Year old Kristin and her 4 year old horse Ellie are a pair like none other. Kristin bought, trained and shows Ellie all by herself. You can read more about the pair here https://thehorseaholic.com/this-9-year-old-girl-bought-and-trained-her-own-horse-now-theyre-headed-to-one-worlds-biggest-horse-shows/.  Now Ellie is sick and at Ohio State University Equine Hospital.  Kristin’s mother Tonya Constance is asking for donations if you can help.  She wrote the following on her Facebook Page:

“As most of you know Thursday December 31st 2015 SISSIE PINE aka ELLIE got extreme diarrhea and I thought it was a digestive upset from her ulcer, buy Friday she was not eating well and Saturday. She would not eat or drink anything and spiked a fever of 105 . These symptoms very closely resembled what she went through back in august when she was taken to Ohio state, the end result then was a secondary infection.

This time we have no clue she is currently at OHIO STATE and between the cost of last time and this time, after today’s tests are performed we may have to bring her home and she is not ready until they find the cause. Main concern is keeping her from dying and our secondary concern is keeping her from foundering!! I have posted several horses for sale to raise more money , but would like to hang on to them as I rescued them out of kill sales. These are AQHA registered horses and I would like to give them the fair chance they deserve! However with the expense of helping Ellie I should rehome them. A couple of my friends prefers I don’t sell the horses and they wanted me to set up a account to raise funds in donations to help Ellie stay there long enough to make sure they know what is going on with her.

As of the first night my quote for up till today with the scope is 2500.00 anything beyond the scope is going to be more. So I have set up a paypal account lenaonts@gmail.com for anyone that wishes to donate to get A little girl and her horse back together again. You can either send the money directly to the college by calling OSU directly @ 614-292-6661 you can ask for Connie she is the finance director you would just tell her its for SISSIE PINES bill. Or you can send it to paypal address lenaonts@gmail.com. Everything is greatly appreciated by Tom Dooder and I.”

To view the horses Tonya had for sale visit http://www.facebook.com/tonya.constance. If you’d like to donate we encourage sending your donation directly to Ohio State University Equine Hospital. This is the safest way and if by some miracle the donations exceed the vet bill, then you can just donate to their wonderful program!  Share this on Facebook if you’d love to see Ellie and Kristin reunited and feeling good again 🙂

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