Agile Arabian Horse Escapes The Arena With Style

Darcy Ni went to visit Mick for the first time and learned just how agile an Arabian can be. This is Mick when he was 2 years old.  He is now 3.5 and has turned out to be an amazing horse. In this video you will see Mick running and playing and then he slips and falls to his side, but what happens next shocks everyone!

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  1. pat

    My mare does this and will put herself back in the pasture the same way when she sees someone coming…..had to run a hotwire below the bottom rail….smartypants almost foundered herself before I caught her in the act. She also will back up to the stall door which is wood bottom, bars at the top, and work it with her back foot lifting up on bottom until she gets it off track and pops the latch then she turns around and goes out like it’s a doggie door…..had to reinforce that too….lol


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