AQHA Stallion My Final Notice – What’s your opinion on him?

my final notice

I find myself looking at My Final Notice’s pictures way too often.  Do I have blinders on because of his blue roan color or is this stallion stunning all around?  Below is his video – what do you think?  What type of mares has he crossed well with in the past and what type of mare would you cross on  him?

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5 Responses

  1. Madelyn Reese

    He is the prettiest blue roan iv’e ever seen. his coloring is absolutly perfect. and his movement and changes are so effortless.

  2. cindy McCraw

    I was surprised at this web site and that my Stallion is on it!
    I can only tell you that people love his foals…they are winning…he produces 80% roan in color and they are marked like him and have smooth coats, but the best part about them is not the color! They are truly trainable and friendly and move like dreams…When you see the video of My Final Notice and see how he moves…it speaks for itself. He is a true natural freak of nature that happens to also be pretty. I have never owned a stallion that has as many return customers as My Final Notice! Thank you so much to all his fans

    • Sam

      Someone at the stable that I ride at has a three year old filly by him. She has an amazing attitude, and when she is being ridden she tries her little heart out!

    • Laurie Buechner

      My daughter just purchased one of his offsprings. She is a 2013 gray mare her name is Notice Im Packin. She has the best mind and she is a sweet as they come. She is going to do well in the Show pen

  3. Horseaholic

    Hi Cindy,

    I love My Final Notice. What types of mares has he been crossing best on? Is there a cross that you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance yet?


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