Clinton Anderson Retires His Beloved Horse Mindy After This Unforgettable Performance

After countless seminars, videos and books starring Clinton Anderson and his horse Mindy, the renowned horse trainer decided to retire his beloved Mindy.

If you’ve ever seen any of his training videos, you know Mindy is pretty special. Watch the amazing retirement performance of Clinton and Mindy as they wow the Las Vegas crowd. Mindy amazes me every time I watch her. She spent many years on the road and she’s now enjoying the good life in retirement. Thank you Mindy for inspiring us all!

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10 Responses

  1. cyndi johnpier

    I am glad this horse is retiring. I pity the next. There is something not right about such total domination over the mind, body and spirit of that which is the literal definition of wild and free. This type of training takes hours of practice, and then there is the time on the road and the shows. To me, this shows a total domination of this animals spirit and the performance was likened to watching a YoYo competition. Not an animal with a mind or a spirit but a “thing on a string.”

      • cyndi johnpier

        Only my whole life. Does that count? You may enjoy seeing someone dominate an animal like that but I don’t. It doesn’t prove anything except that you can. Whoopeee!

    • Yvonne

      Sorry folks this is training at it’s best. This Mare is happy ,healthy, and well loved. She is enjoying the performance you can tell, ears forward and attentive.
      She is Lovely.

    • bpurchas

      Anyone that has ever known a bond with a horse would certainly disagree with you. Has nothing to do with the horses spirit. When the horse and trainer/owner connect the bond is formed and the spirit’s become one. Horses want to please their owners and as long as punishment and cruelty are not involved then it is an amazing and incredible thing.

    • Denise

      Really? Well, I don’t know about you or anyone else but I don’t ride horses that are wild and free! I ride horses that are safe, submissive and balanced in their mind meaning they have a leader that they trust 100%.

  2. Tammy

    I’ve never seen such unnatural, inappropriate movements from an animal. The movements are manic and fearful. This is a bond more appropriately described as dominance , and submission. Clearly the “aids” that initiated this training , are missing, but the specter of the whips and spurs are quite visible. If you want to see a beautiful bond with horse watch Frederic Pincheon,,not this bully.

    • Katie

      Well considering I know Clinton and Mindy personally I would like to tell you that you are false, Mindy respects and I truly believe adores Clinton, as soon as she sees him around the pasture or barn she has her ears pricked up and shes usually jogging up to him:) same for him, he is absolutely in love with her and that has been is partner for a long time. There is no fear in Mindy whatsoever..atleast from what I get to observe daily.

  3. Melissa

    I am sick of the negivate comments about Clinton Anderson method or any training. Grow up.


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