Here’s To The Girls Who Sacrifice For Their Horses


Here’s to all the girls who have sacrificed for their horses.

The girls who buy expensive supplements, pay for every treatment and procedure their horse needs.

The girls who buy their horses custom shoes every 6 weeks, but haven’t bought a new pair for themselves since the last pair had holes.

The girls who work endless hours.

The girls that don’t have time to go to the doctor, but call the vet out immediately if their horse needs it.

The girls that stay up for 24 hours straight if their colics.

The girls who skip concerts and events so they can spend time with their horse on weekends.

The girls who muck stalls every day, but have horrendous amounts of dirty laundry at home.

The girls who stopped going on vacation YEARS ago.

The girls who could afford designer handbags, but decide to buy gifts for their horse instead.

The girls who sacrifice their sleep, their time, their money and their lifestyle all for horses.

Your friends may think you’re crazy, but I don’t!  The sacrifice is definitely worth it.  Horses make my heart happy and I’d do anything to make them happy.

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