Horse Riding Can Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

Researchers in Japan have discovered that regular horseback riding can improve children’s ability to learn and perform behavioral tasks. The study also found that riding horses leads to enhanced problem-solving skills and memory.

“We wanted to look into these effects because previous studies have demonstrated the benefits of horseback riding with respect to enhancing physical health and the mental effects, but few studies have addressed the effects of horseback riding on children and the mechanisms underlying how riding affects humans” says Mitsuaki Ohta, professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture.

Scientists believe the vibrations created while riding, activate the sympathetic nervous system. This controls homeostasis functions and the “fight or flight” response. Researchers also found that it is the specific motion of the horse that creates these vibrations.

Ohta said, “One important characteristic of the horse steps is that they produce three-dimensional accelerations. The movement of the horse’s pelvis may provide motor and sensory inputs to the human body and in this study, I believe some of the differences among the rider’s performances might be due to these accelerations”  Article Source: Video below.

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