Horse Saves Stablemates Life Minutes Before She’s Supposed To Be Put Down

A 16-year-old Shire mare named Beatrice was suffering from colic and collapsed in her stall.  Her owners tried to get her to stand for 6 hours with no success.  The longer she remained on the ground the higher the risk of fatal organ failure.    At one point her owners, Donald MacIntyre and wife Jane Lipington even tried to use a strap tied to a tractor to get the mare to stand and she still just couldn’t do it. 

Her owners knew the risks of letting her lay there without standing so they gave themselves a deadline of when she would need to be put down if she didn’t stand.  With 20 minutes to go they remembered that Beau, an 11-year-old stallion and Beatrice’s Companion needed to be let out of his stall. 

Instead of walking into the yard like usual, Beau walked over to Beatrice.  He lowered his head and neck over the stall wall and started biting her on the neck and lifting his head.  Appearing to try and lift her off the ground.  Beatrice rolled over onto her other side and she stood up!  With just 20 minutes to go she was saved and she has since made a full recovery.

Instead of going into the yard, the stallion approached its stablemate and lowered his head and neck over the partition wall. He began repeatedly biting Beatrice’s neck and lifting its head up.

Beatrice then rolled over on her other side and stood up. The horse has since made a full recovery.  Watch the miraculous video below:

“We are used to seeing extraordinary interactions between the horses, but we have never witnessed a horse saving another’s life,” Jane told The Telegraph. Article Source:  The Telegraph.

Beatrice and Beau have been friends for four years and I think it’s safe to say that their friendship saved her life.  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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