Horse Stumbles and Rider Loses His Stirrup….Then They Come Back To WIN The Race!

Horse racing is always exciting to watch and you never know who’s going to win to the end. A recent race in Ireland was no different! Ruby Walsh was several lengths ahead when his horse, Killutagh Vic, tripped after the last fence. Horse and rider were noses to the ground when Killutagh recovered and started to regain momentum. During the incident , Walsh lost his stirrup and was now racing with one stirrup. As the announcer calls the race saying “he’ll never recover from that”, the two horses behind took the lead and were fighting for first and second. But to everyone’s surprise and dismay, here comes Walsh and Killutagh on the rail to take the win! !!!

If given the chance, horses will give you their heart. Share if you think this was an amazing display of recovery and determination!