Is Your Horse Sore? Watch This Video!



Drug Free, Needle Free Pain Relief For You And Your Horse! Watch this video to learn how to reduce inflammation in your horse and give your horse pain relief to help them be more comfortable and perform better!  Contact to find out how you can try this product for FREE!


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6 Responses

  1. Susan Barr RN Reiki Master

    I am very skeptical about this. I use my hands to find and help pain in animals and people, but I do not have long fingernails poking any animal. Re-watch and see for your self. Sorry, but if his nails were short you would not see the same. And a horse moves away from the pain, when he reaches over the horse and pokes it, it moves away from HIM, because it is smart enough to know it is the salesman who hurt him. I have seen many products in the past and will tell you that magnets help, acupuncture helps and so will Reiki. Chiro is wonderful for the joints too.

    • Anonymous

      Yes this doesn’t not seem like a good idea. I would not do this on my horse, I would prefer to go with something that has proven more reliable results. But that’s just me

  2. Anonymous

    I too was very skeptical when I first heard of these patches. I have used many different forms of healing for my horses including Chiropractic Treatments, Acupuncture, Injections and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy. I will say that after trying these patches, they completely amazed me and have worked wonders on my horses. I still use a Chiropractor, but this helps them in between treatments.

  3. Stacey81

    I have to admit I wanted nothing to do with any of these funky alternative pain relief methods. A friend of mine invited some friends at the barn to see a demo done on her 12 year old cutting horse that has had chronic back issues over the past few years. After placing the patches on his back in a few specific areas we waited about 5 minutes – and I kid you not the results where totally noticeable. My friend picked up a set of the patches and has been applying them herself and it definitely helps. My horse doesn’t have any problem areas but I would probably try these patches if she did.

  4. Asha

    I think patches are amazing!!
    Maybe this video is not convincing, but I used them on many horses and always had quick, visible results. If somebody think that they do not work I am recommending trying them first. (if you won’t be happy with the results Lifewave will give your money back – no questions asked)
    I am equine thermography consultant, and I can confirm that changes before using Aculife and after are visible on infrared pictures! So you can see it – horse behavior, feel it – on their muscles , and measure it – thermoghaphy.


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