It Started Out As A Normal Hunter Course….What It Turned Into Was Something EXTRAORDINARY!

Spruce Meadows is a beautiful venue to watch show jumping, dressage and now a combination of hunter, jumper, and cross country! Fanny Nilsson strapped a GoPro camera on so we can all get a sense of what it feels like to be in the saddle on an amazing horse.

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She guides her horse through a combination course. It starts off with some simple hunter jumps, then as she is going around the ring she takes an expected (unexpected for me) turn out of the ring, and behind the stands to the cross country part of the course.

It had everything from ditches, steps, a water complex, and even some logs. Then back into the ring for some more stadium jumps. Technology is really amazing, allowing us to feel a ride as if we were on the horse jumping them ourselves. Great riding Fanny and sweet horse!

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